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SUCCESS STORIES Solving Challenges Together

Our passionate, driven teams collaborate closely to find solutions and help clients rise to new challenges. PCG is proud to be a part of success stories that play out every day across the nation as we solve problems and change lives for the better.

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AN EDUCATION STORY Career pipeline addresses teacher shortages.

The Challenge

U.S. School districts experience a significant shortage of licensed teachers—while many education professionals are eager to acquire necessary licenses, they lack essential support. Some districts have reduced teacher qualifications in response, undermining learning outcomes.

Atlanta Public Schools found it significantly challenging to hire and retain Special Education teachers for their rapidly growing district. Failure to meet certification requirements caused unnecessary terminations or reassignments by the third year of many teachers’ careers. APS also recognized that with Special Education certification, content-area teachers could teach with greater flexibility. They needed a certification test preparation program, along with a career pipeline, to address the needs of the large number of part-time Special Education paraprofessionals, ineligible for benefits, who were leaving the district.

Our Approach

Our team implemented the EdForce Test Prep Program, utilizing best practices and latest testing technology to support teachers, helping them pass certification exams.


Over 150 APS educators have been supported since 2018, with 98.5% of participants passing their Special Education licensure exams. The district was able to retain their current staff and promote new teachers from within.


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