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Join us on this journey.

Our diverse perspectives create better solutions.

We’re stronger together. Building an inclusive culture that encourages, supports, and celebrates the diversity of our workforce is a PCG priority and an inspired work in progress.

As we add initiatives to foster health, empowerment, success, and belonging among employees, we see communities forming around diverse cultures and common experiences. Our shared values, vision, and commitment to one another drive our success.

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Hear what our colleagues say about life at PCG.

Our best is collective.

Championed by our Director of Diversity & Inclusion, Chief People Officer, and President and CEO, key programs and initiatives are prioritized to further PCG’s inclusion journey. Immediate areas we’re addressing to build a more inclusive organizational culture include talent acquisition, leadership diversity, career development, and philanthropic giving focused on underrepresented groups.

  • DEI Advisory Council

    PCG’s DEI Advisory Council reinforces our commitment to workforce diversity, promoting equitable systems, and fostering and advancing a culture of inclusion and belonging.

  • DEI Management Trainings

    We offer training for people managers on building inclusive leadership skills and effectively supporting diverse teams.

  • Employee Resource Groups

    PCG Employee Resource Groups are employee-led, voluntary groups formed to bridge cultural differences around identity or experience. They’re open to all employees and support PCG’s company-wide goal of advancing a diverse, inclusive, and engaged workforce culture.

  • Army PaYS Partner

    As an Army PaYS Partner, we provide help with job interviews for a smoother transition into civilian life.

  • Career Sponsorship Program

    PCG’s Career Sponsorship Program gives high-performing, historically underrepresented talent the support and advocacy needed to advance. Participants are paired with sponsors drawn from PCG’s senior leadership team who advocate on their behalf, open doors to their network, and influence decisions regarding the sponsee’s career growth.

  • Leadership Development Programs

    Leadership Development Programs reflect PCG’s ongoing commitment to recruitment, growth, development, and retention outcomes for diverse individuals at mid and senior talent levels within our organization. Participants are empowered to be stronger influencers, strategists, and self-advocates.

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We aim for more diversity of background and thought in order to grow, innovate, and unlock novel solutions to meet existing and new challenges. PCG leadership has expressed its commitment to achieving our ambitious DEI goals.

Sophia Thwaites

PCG Director of Diversity & Inclusion

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Our Strategic Relations Workgroup, comprised of team members from various practice areas, realized we needed a Diverse Supplier Program, given our public sector focus. We created a tool that captures diverse supplier requirements for various states in just eight weeks, while doing our full-time work. It was a great collaboration and provided me the chance to make many new friends.

Vijaya Ramesh

Tech Consulting Solutions Architect

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Participating in PCG Leadership Development is one of the most important and enriching experiences I’ve had at PCG, and I wouldn’t trade the connections I’ve made with my colleagues who are people of color across the firm. Another memorable experience is when during the pandemic, two of my teammates drove into the city to deliver groceries to my son, who was sheltering in place in Chicago.

Mary Baker-Boudissa

Education Field Associate

You belong where every voice matters.

At PCG, you will be welcomed, valued for exactly who you are, and have opportunities to grow and show the world what you’re made of. Every voice is essential in our mission to build a culture that ensures the inclusion PCG needs and our clients deserve.

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Hear what our colleagues say about life at PCG.

Veterans belong in our community.

We appreciate our current and former active duty service members and military families. The experience veterans contribute to client solutions and our PCG culture is valued and their specific needs supported.

PCG’s Military/Veteran Networking Group (Veterans ERG) was formed to foster a military/veteran-friendly environment, provide specific support and encouragement, and connect PCG veterans with the interview process and mentoring new hires.

As an Army PaYs Partner, soldiers and cadets are guaranteed job interviews with up to five partner organizations, helping them transition to civilian life.

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I’m incredibly proud of the experiences and opportunities I’ve had thus far in my career—both military and civilian. I look forward to supporting others who have served gain access to meaningful employment with a firm that exists to serve the public sector.

Guy Reynolds

PCG Director of Talent Acquisition

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As a military spouse, I’ve had the good fortune of having the flexibility to work remotely, which supports both my career and my husband’s service. PCG also supports my sense of self and identity, separate from my family, and has offered me consistency and community. With frequent moves and family demands, many military spouses face barriers to employment because of their spouse’s commitment to the country. The military spouses I’ve met are incredibly capable, skilled problem solvers with spectacular flexibility and fortitude.

Jen Cunningham

Human Services, Senior Consultant

Let’s move forward, together.

Celebrating the differences in our backgrounds, beliefs, and identities empowers us to innovate together. We want our clients to experience and benefit from our diversity. We encourage diverse, original thought and problem-solving when supporting our client communities.

PCG offers pathways and opportunities to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion as you grow and advance in your career.

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